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Dulcimers for David


'Dulcimers for David' Album Cover

Track Titles

Bile Them Cabbage
Dulcimer: Sarah Elizabeth
Barlow Knife/Sandy River Belle
Dulcimers: Nashville Dulcimer Quartet; Jew's Harp: David Schnaufer
Wings of a Dove
(Ferlin Husky)
Dulcimer: David Schnaufer; Harp Guitar: Stephen Bennett; Vocals: Debbie Porter and Adie Grey
Grey Cat on a Tennessee Farm
Dulcimer: Sarah Elizabeth
Blackberry Jam
(Rocky Alvey)
Dulcimer, Guitar, Bass, and Vocals: T.J. Larkin; Vocals: Rocky Alvey; Banjimer and Jew's Harp: David Schnaufer
Fisher's Hornpipe
Dulcimer: Sarah Elizabeth
Friend Like You
(Adie Grey/Dave McKenzie)
Dulcimer and Vocals: Adie Grey
San Antonio Rose
(Pee Wee King)
Dulcimer: David Schnaufer
Shivvarree River
Dulcimer and Vocals: Debbie Porter; Banjo: Vince Farsetta; Bass and Bones: T.J. Larkin
Old Joe Clark
Dulcimer: Sarah Elizabeth
Prayin' in the Wind
Dulcimer: Zada Law
I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
Mandolin: Butch Baldassari; Vocals: Debbie Porter and Adie Grey
Turkey in the Straw
Dulcimer: Lee Rowe
Never Time Enough
Dulcimer: Lee Rowe
I Will, Too
(Schnaufer, McCullough)
Dulcimer and Vocals: David Schnaufer and Debbie Porter
Aura Lee
Dulcimer: David Schnaufer and Debbie Porter
Letter of Sullivan Ballou
Bowed Dulcimer and Reading: David Schnaufer
Amazing Grace
Dulcimer: Sarah Elizabeth
(Schnaufer, McCullough)
Dulcimer: Sarah Elizabeth; Vocals: T.J. Larkin and Debbie Porter
Down Yonder
Dulcimer: David Schnaufer
I'll Fly Away
Mandolin: Butch Baldassari; Banjo: Vince Farsetta; Dulcibro: Lee Rowe; Dulcimer and Vocals: Debbie Porter; Vocals: T.J. Larkin and Adie Grey

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Front Cover

At the top of the front cover is a photo of David Schnaufer's hands as they strum a D7 chord on a dulcimer made from a beautiful swirling golden wood. Below that is a second photo of the hands of a young boy who is holding a pick and strumming a spruce-top dulcimer with sound holes carved in the shape of hearts. Together, these two photos symbolize the theme of this recording, the "tradition continues," in which one player passes his/her skills on to a younger player.

Liner Notes

David Schnaufer was a dulcimer player, a historian of the dulcimer in all its varieties, a songwriter, a gentleman and a friend. "Everyone has an instrument," he used to say. "It's just a matter of finding it." David found the dulcimer on his 21st birthday in a downtown Austin, Texas music store.

The humble mountain dulcimer truly changed David's life and gave him a focus that would last and blossom until he lost his battle with cancer, August 23rd, 2007. David dedicated his entire life, not just in mastering the dulcimer but also in teaching the joys of playing this "user-friendly" instrument.

This special recording features many of David's friends and students along with David himself who plays dulcimer, banjimer and Jew's Harp on several previously unreleased cuts. One of the first tunes a beginner learns is "Bile Them Cabbage". Sarah Elizabeth plays this tune much like she learned it originally from David along with several other typical tunes as interludes.

Enjoy this recording... we enjoyed creating it in memory of and as a thank you to David for his inspiration, his music, and his musical spirit.

All the proceeds from the sale of this recording will be used to buy dulcimers for children.