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'a dulcimer for you, Darlin'...' Album Cover

Track Titles

Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky?
Dulcimer: Steve Seifert; Vocals: Debbie Porter and Adie Grey
I Will Too
(Tuning-DAD, Played in the Key of G)
Dulcimers and Vocals: Debbie Porter and David Schnaufer
Tomorrow Night
Bass, Chromatic Dulcimer, and Dulcimette: Steve Seifert; Vocals: Debbie Porter
Tennessee Waltz
Baritone and Standard Dulcimer: David Schnaufer; Vocals: Debbie Porter and Adie Grey
Tennessee Valentine
Baritone Dulcimer: David Schnaufer; Vocals: Debbie Porter
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Baritone Dulcimer: Debbie Porter; Lead Dulcimer: Steve Seifert; Vocals: Debbie Porter
Are You Tired of Me, My Darlin'?
(Tuning-DAD, Capo 3rd Fret)
Dulcimer: Sue Carpenter; Vocals: Debbie Porter
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
Dulcimer: Sue Carpenter; Vocals: Debbie Porter
When It's Time for the Whippoorwill to Sing
Dulcimer and Vocals: Debbie Porter
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
Chromatic Bass and Standard Dulcimer: Steve Seifert; Vocals: Debbie Porter
Return To Me
Dulcimer and Vocals: Debbie Porter
Should I Fall Behind, Wait For Me
Dulcimer and Vocals: Debbie Porter; Harmonica: Richard Porter
Waiting On the Far Side Banks Of Jordan
(Tuning-DAD, Capo 3rd Fret)
Dulcimer and Vocals: Debbie Porter

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Front Cover

On the front cover, two dulcimers lay next to one another on fabric depicting a bed of roses. Deb's descending dove necklace is draped over the fretboard of one of the dulcimers and a dew covered red rose sits between them.

Liner Notes

I was singing before I could talk. My Mother and Grandmother sang all types of music to me including love songs. These are some of my favorites, all performed on fretted dulcimers. Most of these songs are older, more recognizable tunes although I am proud to present two beautiful David Schnaufer originals along with his wonderful voice.

This recording was created in Tennessee and Texas. Thanks to J. Gary Smith Productions, John Smith-Engineer, Nashville, Tennessee. For engineering and sound, spiritual guidance, thanks to Bobby Arnold. Fire Station Studios, San Marcos, Texas. Special accolades to Steve Seifert for his engineering at Home-Place Hallway, Pittsburg, Texas. Much appreciation to Sandy Conatser for lodging and "Waiting on the Far Side Banks of Jordan." Thanks again to my dear friend Gigi "Somethin' You Got" Benno for hospitality and suggesting we try Dean Martin tunes on the dulcimer.

Very Special Thanks to: David Schnaufer for sharing his inspiration, tunes, teaching, and voice; Steve Seifert for his innovation, talent, and time; Sue Carpenter for Beautiful Finger picking; and Adie Grey for the harmony. Love and thanks to my darlin' Richard, for over two decades of True Love and to Lyric for the magical opportunity to be Lyric's Mama. Always gratitude to my Mother, Evelyn, for exposing me to all kinds of music- Bo Diddley to Placido. Special thanks to my best friend Lee for all of the years of love and support for my music.

The arrangement of "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?" was given to me by Niels Anderson and Susan Howell at the Mardi Gras Dulcimer Festival. For a good time with the dulcimer each winter, head 'way down yonder near New Orleans!" Great festival, folks and food.

The dulcimer "scene" is made up of wonderful people who have organized clubs, concerts and festivals to promote the enjoyment of the fretted or mountain dulcimer. I owe a special thanks to the Texas organizers, Linda Thompson, Joe Morgan, and Dana Hamilton for giving me the opportunity to teach and perform.

Where possible, support your local dulcimer club. Where not possible, get a friend to buy a dulcimer and start a club. Remember; always look for a quality instrument. High-quality, low cost dulcimers are readily available. Please beware of music stores that don't seem to know much about the instrument and the one-of-a-kind craft show craft show variety. All of the dulcimer players on this recording are also teachers we want you to sound great, and having a decent instrument is always the starting place. Be sure and check out the Dulcimer Players News for more information.